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Quk dėl galimybių

On the present time both Lithuania and EU market dominate pigs and cattle breeding.

Consumer researches shows, that growing demand quk dėl galimybių high digestibility and nutrient, quick prepare animal products. On this way duck meat is very valuable product. Problem is that now dominate small farms, where traditionally growing few local, not very productive ducks.

quk dėl galimybių

Like there is no real local market, so there is no well develop duck breeding. The subject of research.

quk dėl galimybių

After good analyses of duck breeding and risk factors, to take measures of duck business development in Lithuania. Tasks: To estimate different duck species peculiarity and analyse duck meat quality depend to market demand; To estimate duck breeding technology and use in Lithuania farms; To estimate risk and possibility of duck business in Lithuania.

quk dėl galimybių latvijos pajamos internetu

Consumer researches shows, that people prefer not fat, fragile, muscular duck meat. These features satisfy meat duck mularde females.

Savaitės skaitomiausi

Technological, zoohigienic and economic duck growing research showed that the most promising duck breeding is like part business — on the summer time use empty animal husbandry buildings. At best is to grow heterozic hybrids.

These precondition enable in Lithuania to create small duck farms, which sells fresh meat straight from the farm and secure flexible sells and stable income.