Pigūs skrydžiai į Jaroslavlį

Variantai jaroslavlis. Kaunas – Jaroslavlis, lėktuvų bilietai


    Apskaita pas brokerius note that enameled items are made by hand and no two items are exactly alike.

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    This is what gives them their unique, original quality and value. When variantai jaroslavlis order, make sure you specify the desired color scheme dominant color and rely on the artistic taste and skill of our enamellers.

    The pectoral has been made in the technique of hot notched multicolor enamel after the style of 17th century Russian pectoral crosses. Apart from the land of Yaroslavl, crosses in variantai jaroslavlis similar shape were typical for Novgorod.

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    As far as numerical symbolism is concerned, the four variantai jaroslavlis circles with inscriptions, positioned at the ends of the bars, stand for the four directions, the four Gospels and the four evangelists; the twelve smaller circles found next to them three on each bar symbolize the twelve apostles.

    The reverse is decorated with a floral ornament that evokes Heaven and further enhances the significance of the cross as the heavenly Tree of Life that is inherent in its shape.

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    The cross has a moveable top, decorated a with floral pattern at the front and back, which in some situations allows one to wear the cross inside out, piously hiding the sacred front.