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Iš viso: 9,9 A very nice and comfortable cottage lost in the Indonesian forest and rice terraces. The room was perfectly clean and our host was very nice and took us to a wonderful trip through the neighborhood.

The home-made food is also absolutely delicious. Clémence Singapūras This is a true home stay with Variantai vanlla family. There are variantai vanlla, chickens, you get it all.

It's clean, the food is good, but don't expect all the mod cons Hir took us for a walk through Monkey Forest and the rice fields, it's so beautiful! We also went to the waterfall.

It's a big day, take some water! We also went to the bamboo weaving village. I recommend staying here. Two nights will give you the full experience.

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Top tip: jackfruit curry! Just ask them to make it little spicy or as for the sambal Carolien Australija We stayed in Tetebatu for 3 nights. It's real village life, variantai vanlla Vanilla Cottages is in keeping with the beauty of the area.

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The tranquillity is perfect and such a delight to be surrounded by a host of fruit trees and animals. Hir was an excellent host - "keep things simple" is Hir's motto. He will be as active in your experience as you like and there is never any pressure.

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We utilised Hir's expertise as a guide throughout our stay and he was always on hand to give us advice and take us on tours. Variantai vanlla vanlla had a moped so Hir took us to local villages to see local crafts. Walks to Black Monkey Forest, through rice fields and to waterfalls were memorable.

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Hir even took us to see a local village wedding. The breakfast was superb and Hir's wife's cooking was wholesome and delicious. Stuart Didžioji Britanija Super nice place. Very good food and friendly owner. Perfect for a vew days of relaxing. Some waterfalls and ricefields are close.


Really did enjoy our time there. Thank you!

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Moritz Didžioji Britanija Hire is a very welcoming and caring host and he really made us feel at home. He showed us around Tetebatu, took us to waterfalls, ricefields and the monkey forest no fixed price, based on donation. In the evening he made us dinner for a very reasonable price and we sat around the bonfire chatting.

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The room was basic, but very clean and the shower was great. The colorful garden variantai vanlla perfect to relax, not to mention the free coffee. All in all, we had a great stay in Hire's cottage : Felix Vokietija Had a great couple of days thanks to Hir and his friends and family.

During the day they took me everywhere to see Tetebatu and the surroundings while the evenings were spent by the bonfire with music and watching the stars.

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The place is peaceful and so lovely variantai vanlla all the beautiful flowers and plants. The room is basic but very clean and has the best shower ever. The banana pancake and fruit in the morning for breakfast are simply delicious and also the other food Hir makes is very tasteful.

I would totally recommend this place if you like variantai vanlla experience the Lombok lifestyle for a couple days. Femke Australija Hir, the owner is very friendly and also a local guide for in Tetebatu. He showed us the rice fields, which are more beautiful then in Ubud, a waterfall to swim and we went to the monkey forest to spot the Black Monkey.

The rooms are basic but clean. Variantai vanlla shower is the best I've had in 5 months of South East Asia. In the evening Variantai vanlla made a bonfire, which we enjoyed along some of his friends. I definitely recommend to stay at Hir! Joelgarcia Nyderlandai We really enjoyed our stay in Vanilla Cottage.

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The homestay is surrounded with luscious vegetation in a peaceful area of Tetebatu, the homemade food was delicious and the rooms were comfortable and kept very clean. In my opinion the place stands out because the family running it makes you feel very welcome and takes great pleasure in showing you around.

Jimmy Ispanija Very nice host!

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He showed us around tetebatu and surroundings, really authentic. The food is really good and the shower is one of the best so far in Indonesia. The bungalow is surrounded by nature, especially the rice fields are stunning.


Everyone is so polite and they make you feel at home. Definitely recommend! Marlijn Nyderlandai The bathroom had a rain shower with plenty of hot water! Hir is so friendly, helping, and willing to give you the best stay possible. We went for a trekking in the ricefields that are 10 times for beautiful then in Bali and variantai vanlla a waterfall where he swam with us. He is so funny. His family is lovely too, they nepriklausoma nuomonė apie galimybes cook dinner and lunch for you for a very small price and the food was simply amazing!

Thank you so much Hir for this experience!

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You deserve a 10!