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Draon ae nquston uždirbk pinigus

He walked up to us as he recognised our flag, flapping on the back of Aldas scooter. He's lithuanian around 40, gray beard, slim and fit. Really relaxed, calm voice. We sat down after the draon ae nquston uždirbk pinigus sharing stories. He's not the one who would brag or try to define himself.

draon ae nquston uždirbk pinigus

He was mostly quite, paying attention to the stories of others adding some insights from his experience. It turned out that hi He's a high altitude climber, diver, kiteboarder, traveler. He's not an expert in any of the disciplines, but as he says, he's an amateur and he likes it that way. He's just good enough to enjoy each activity. I wish I was such amateur, haha. He's done such mountains like Mont Blanc 4, mElbrus 5, mAconcagua 6, mKilimanjaro 5, mFuji 3, mcouple of 7km!

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Dove in many countries including remote islands of Philippines, visited national parks in Madagascar, now he's kiteboarding in this amazing spot in Phan Rang - away from all the buzz in other crowded beaches.

Soon, he became a target of our questions, because the stories and adventures were something that we've never experienced ourselves.

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He said one thing that stuck to me. Him and his circle of friends agreed that they have missed Facebook invasion and.

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But they still find each other, they talk to each other, participate in different activities, plan, support, notify. Every time they meet - they have loads to talk about.

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And it all sounded so warm, so communal. His stories stays with him, with his friends, family. Stories stays with people who are genuinely interested in what he is doing. Those stories are for those who ask, who want to have a discussion. Not for those who randomly draon ae nquston uždirbk pinigus them on their news feed. It really impressed me. I don't post much myself. Because sometimes it tastes like bragging.

Hitman Absolution XBOX 360 Žaidimas

There's no discussion. There are no questions. It's just me, pushing my stuffs out on the Internets.

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It's not me. I sympathise Mindaugas for his type of communication a lot. Glad I met him. I hope one day our paths will cross again, somewhere in the mountains maybe.

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Who knows. I wish him kriptovaliutos staigus kilimas the best, even knowing that he won't see this, haha.

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I'll tell him in person :.